Adventures in Norway – 2015!

Bow-Making and Demonstrating Experimental Archaeology in the Chieftain’s Longhouse; replica tools; Authentic Materials.

Making a Dublin Arrow and Shooting it from a Gokstad Ship

Gokstad Voyage through an iPhone – Sailing ‘Lofotr’ in Rough Seas, I would not like to sail all the way to Ireland in one of these :/ Learn more about this ship HERE

While in Lofoten, I was on the morning TV show, Good Morning Norway – They asked me for a demonstration and I hit two bullseyes one after the other, live on TV!

Sun-Hunting Above the Arctic Circle

On my first voyage aboard a Viking Longship. We were sailing into Henningsvær. When the fjord came into view, our skipper called on his shanty man to sing a song. The midnight sun was rising, a light wind carried us into the harbour at a slow and steady pace, as the words of Luke Kelly’s Auld Triangle echoed around the surrounding mountains. They even eventually turned the music off.. Probably my favourite moment from my time in Norway.

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