" As I was travelling through Central Europe to Athens, I had only a day to wander the streets of Belgrade; here are a selection of photos..."

"While on Excavation in Idjos Serbia, we took a break from shovelling and  ventured into the City of Timişoara, Romania..."

"In the summer of 2015, we entered our replica Viking ship in the Vestfjord Sailing Regatta. This article features photographs from our expedition, and shares the story of my last Norse...

“I think we gotta go”, Tom said, taking my camera as I climbed back down an old stone wall..."

Lofoten, April 30th, 2015 - "We pulled into Ballstad harbour the next morning to where ‘Lofotr’, the Museum’s Viking longship was lying..."

"Beginning my Blog and my new job as the Bowmaker of at the Lofotr Viking Museum..." Cover Photo Credit: KJELL OVE STORK